You Know You're a Foodie When...

I have been a terrible blogger this past week. I'm generally on my computer all day long and all night long, with short breaks in between to play referee between my son and the dog. But I have indeed been damn busy!

Firstly, I was successful in make 5 quarts of white beef stock! Woohoo! See the picture to the left? Not so appetizing, huh? Well, it's not supposed to be right now. While it was simmering, it smelled faintly of beef and onions. You are not supposed to add salt during simmering either because you are to add it later when you are making your sauces from it. So, when I tasted it, it was pretty bland. But again, after storage in the freezer, one is to defrost it and make a reduction mixed with a pale roux and other delicious aromatics/seasonings to bring out the fine flavor. Was it worth the trouble? Well, if it turns out to make a ridiculously fantastic veloute and bechamel, then I would say so.

Also you all know how I feel about factory processed broths. They are high in CRAP. Meaning, they all kinds of
shiznit to it to make it taste good on it's own. Just read the ingredients list on your next carton of Swanson. Broth makers are starting to get the idea that people don't want MSG loaded by the barrel full into their broths but there's still other stuff in it that gives it a chemical and mildly metallic taste. I'm all for homemade anything. If it's bland, we need to figure out how to make it better. If you need a shortcut (I sometimes do), get an organic brand that does not have MSG. Those people care a little more about our health. MSG causes obesity. I'm sure of it. I won't use my blog as a soapbox but when you study on your own, you will most likely reach the same conclusions as I have about this horrendous food additive.

Aside from that rant, I do need to tell you all that I recorded every step of making the white stock with my iPhone. Unfortunately though, it does not have a stop and continue recording function. So, I have all these little movie clips that I need to combine into one movie. I am posting my favorite little clip for you. I made it in a late night sleep deprived moment of feeling medieval with my pot o' bones. I call it Hell Broth. In the meantime, I have purchased some software and I need to figure out how it works so I can get all these friggin clips together. Technology is great but sometimes it just slows me the hell down.

Lastly, I'm still studying chef history. I doubt an accredited culinary academy would allow me to indulge so much in history but haute damn, it's interesting! I didn't expect to become so engrossed but I'm absolutely fascinated by the lives of these great culinary ancestors. This is what tells me that I have been a foodie and will always be a foodie. When one is completely riveted by how others approach food and cooking, that's how you know that you are a true foodie. Hmm...I guess I know how "Trekkies" feel. But instead of wearing a pair of pointy Spock ears, you will find me in my front yard planting a half dozen rose bushes (which I did this past weekend) to get the feel of Fernand Point's La Pyramide restaurant in Vienne, France. I'm telling you, by this time next year, I'll have a vineyard and brick oven in my backyard. Seriously, I'm not screwing around, I'm SO into this! I've reached nerd girl status in the food realm now.

If you want be a big assed food nerd like me (okay, the big ass is optional), you have to read Ma Gastronomie. Fernand Point is not the kind of pain in the ass boss I thought he was. While indeed Wikipedia says that he never tired of striving for perfection, the man was a pure effing genius with a fantastic personality! He was generous, loving, kind and had a wicked sense of humor. You have to read about the pranks he pulled on his friends and kitchen staff. I told my recently departed Toby to say hi to Fernand Point for me because I think they might be spirit friends.

The most important thing I've realized through this historical journey I'm taking, is that food is so much an art that reflects who we are. The more we know how to establish our food canvases and work with our palette of spices and flavors, the more we will be able to define our personality through our food. Until then, it certainly helps to follow and be inspired by great chefs such as Auguste Escoffier and Fernand Point. While I may not exactly want the girth that Mr. Point had, I have to, at least once, have Champagne and Roasted Chicken for breakfast, outdoors, next to the rose bushes - just the way Mr. Point did. (See? I told you I was a big dork).

Finally, I will be back sooner rather than later. Either I'll have my little movie done or I'll "F it" and move on with making veloute. Twenty bucks says I go with the latter decision.

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